Health, Safety and Environment

The purpose of the Health & Safety, Environment, and Quality Policy is to publicly affirm rapidSERVE’s commitment to prevention of accident and injury, elimination of unsafe acts and conditions, environmental protection, and promotion of good health and quality management.

All rapidSERVE owned, managed, or controlled operations share responsibility to advance the principles of our Health & Safety, Environment, and Quality Policy. It is Management’s TOP PRIORITY.

At rapidSERVE, we are committed to protecting human health, the environment, properties, security and prevention of pollution and hazards.

The following principles are applicable to Sustainability Services Operations of rapidSERVE:

  • We will conduct our operations in a manner that strives to protect the environment, health & safety, and security, and exceed the quality expectations of our employees, neighbours, and customers.
  • We will comply with relevant and applicable legal and other requirements to which the corporation subscribes, and will proactively implement programs and procedures to promote compliance.
  • We will support conservation of nature and the earth’s energy resources.
  • All Sustainability Services employees are encouraged to help the Company identify possible environment, health & safety, and quality issues in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the management systems.
  • We will strive to meet the Customer’s needs in all these key areas without compromising safety, skills, morale, or ethics of the Company’s employees.


In accordance with our Management System requirements, the health & safety, environment, and quality performance, and objectives and targets will be reviewed periodically to assess progress toward continual improvements. This policy statement will be made available to the public, and reviewed annually.

Policy approved by:
Managing Director, rapidSERVE Limited