CEO's Message


At rapidSERVE Group we recognize the issues our customers face operating in today’s integrated global economy and we consciously engineer ourselves, and our solutions and services to help your business succeed. We are a values-driven company. Integrity, quality, respect, trust, social consciousness and satisfaction are evident in every service, solution and relationship that we foster.

Consequently, you will find us responsive and eager to deliver top-quartile services that underpin your business goals and programmes, and helps you lower your operating cost, and improve your earnings and profit margins. This genuine and conscious approach ensures that our technical depth, project management effectiveness and industry know-how are fused into a total project experience that meets your unique requirements. We spend our time and resources to fully understand the business environment in the sectors where we provide services; we study the challenges and competition in those environments, and ensure that we add value to the demands of our clients.

Who we hire, how we develop our staff, how we grow our leadership, and our succession planning and programmes are deliberately engineered to meet our passion to be the best and the number one service provider of choice to our customers. We understand that technical competence and professionalism matters, and we engineer our discipline teams to excel in all the sectors we service. We take pride in ensuring that our reach goes far beyond successful project execution. When you meet rapidSERVE Group staff on a project, in our offices, at a conference or at community and charitable events, you leave that encounter knowing we are sincere about your success and that of the clients and communities where we work.

Internally, we focus on enriching organizational culture through team-building events, coaching and mentoring; meaning, we have a positive effect on ourselves, our peers, our super- and sub-ordinates, including our clients and third parties whom we encounter in our daily affairs. We seek to enrich each other through creative collaboration, information and knowledge sharing. We carry our values into every design and project. We expect and take pride in being safe, on time, within budget, complying with top-quartile quality standards and best practices, and with a successfully executed scope in each of our projects. But we aren’t fully satisfied unless we know our customers are also satisfied and that the project was executed without a single safety incident and lost time injury.

The vision we have for the success of rapidSERVE Group begins with your success. My Executive Leadership Team, our staff and I, hold ourselves accountable to this vision and these values every day. They encompass the promises of rapidSERVE Group to our Partners, our Customers and their Stakeholders.


Kizito Goldstone Egwuche
Managing Director/CEO, Rapidserve Nigeria Limited