rapidSERVE has well-documented and fully implemented policies for Quality Assurance and Quality Control, managed by the Quality Manager and a team of Quality Engineers. rapidSERVE Quality Management processes are in accordance to and compliant with ISO 9001:2000.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems provide protection for our clients:

  • - Prevents nonconformity of construction materials and equipment at all stages, from production to site installation
  • - Maintains the quality agreed with the client
  • - Ensures the project conforms to the agreed design
  • - Ensures timely delivery


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We are committed to providing superior services and solutions in conformance with contractual and regulatory requirements that meet our Customer’s needs. These commitments are a keystone of all that we do, reflected in the services we provide to our customers, the management of our operations, the conditions under which employees work, and our interactions with the communities where we do business.

We are centered on delivery excellence by developing a unique combination of local professionals and up-to-date technology where we have a competitive edge to deliver excellent and cost effective solutions to problems. We have a policy of involving the best available local manpower in all areas of our operation, with rigorous quality assurance and control which provides us safe working environment without compromising on quality standards.

All Quality Assurance and Quality Control Policies and Procedures are compliant with ISO 9001:2000, and must be followed by our employees, suppliers and sub-contractors. Documentation is required at all stages to ensure full records are maintained.

Policy approved by:
Managing Director, rapidSERVE Limited