Strategy 2011-2015

ICT Automatisering (ICT) aims to focus increasingly on in-house generated projects for developing innovative solutions and scalable, series based products. This will enable us to satisfy the requirements of clients for affordable and reliable solutions in combination with new technologies. The focus will also increasingly shift to generating revenues on the basis of high added-value products. This will also provide a better basis for recruiting and retaining high-quality professionals. At the same time, we aim to ensure that our knowledge base becomes less dependent upon specific individuals and increasingly integrated into the organization itself, as qualified professionals are expected to become increasingly scarce in the coming years.

Characteristics of a system integrator
The organization is transforming himself into a solid and reliable system integrator with a distinctive profile. The products are characterized by:

  • Delivery of products based on added value from our own organization.
  • Integration with third-party components when relevant.
  • Overall responsibility carried by ICT.
  • Strengthening client relationships. 

Verticals-based organization
Another significant element of our 2011-2015 strategy is providing solutions to clients on the basis of functional areas of application, which we refer to as ‘verticals’. The focus on these verticals will increase the added value of ICT for its clients. In the past year, ICT has made the necessary preparations to realize this and will structure its organization completely in line with these verticals. The focus will be on optimizing professional excellence and market leadership within the verticals defined by the organization.