Market Place

In every industry and service demand sector, companies and consumers need to focus on achieving higher productivity and efficiency, and meet their objectives and priorities in each area of product and service demands. This can only be achieved with a supplier and partner who knows the specific requirements of the relevant industry or consumer.

rapidSERVE unique knowledge of each of the industries and sectors where we operate gives us an edge over other competitors. We recognise that each industry or sector has its own special requirements for achieving its highest level of industrial productivity and consumer satisfaction. Some sectors, such as Oil and Gas, the manufacturing and marine/offshore sectors have special requirements and operates in extreme conditions. We are fully experienced and certified in working in Harzardous Areas, Classified (ATEx) Areas, and operations with High Safety Risks.

Special skills, customized industrial solutions and services, and specialised manpower and training, are therefore indispensable. With our well-established expertise in a wide array of industries (oil & gas, marine, mining, manufacturing, aeronautical, food & beverage, and water technology, for example) rapidSERVE can provide companies with a broad range of comprehensive technologies and solutions. Our product spectrum extends from electrical and instrument systems, process automation, electric motors, mechanical and telecoms/IT systems and applications, through turnkey engineering, system integration, testing and commissioning, to support and maintenance, and obsolescence management with the total life cycle management of the asset. Our engineered solution and services precisely match the customer’s needs.

We have built up reputation in a wide range of products, services and expertise, and have extensive experience in the following business sectors:

•        Oil & Gas
•        Petrochemicals
•        Offshore & Marine
•        Mining
•        Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
•        Power Generation & Energy
•        Construction
•        Real Estates & Housing
•        Manufacturing
•        Ports & Harbours
•        Transportation
•        Global Logistics
•        Telecommunications & Information and Computing Technologies
•        Emerging Technologies
•        Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

We are committed to total customer satisfaction through providing quality products and materials, experienced manpower, standard processes and best practices, economic efficiency, reliability and safe project execution and management.