Industrial & Public Safety and Security Systems

We deliver “Total Security Control, Safety, Emergency Control, Surveillance, Detection, Reporting and Alarm Solutions; and Hazardous Area Classified Products and Installations”.

We design, install and maintain a comprehensive range of internal and external CCTV solutions; Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems; Pipeline Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Systems; Security Gates and Cabins; Access Control Systems; Gate Barriers and Turnstiles; Bullet Penetration-Resistant Laminates for Light-Vehicles; Tracking Systems; Emergency Shutdown Systems; etc; which span the entire spectrum of our clients daily operations, from small to medium enterprises and large business, and small offices to largest industrial complexes.

We have extensive experience in retail, commercial and industrial premises. Our engineers are specialists at working in hazardous areas, such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel mills and other extreme environments.

We have the specialist skills, experience, knowledge and resources to design, install and maintain safety and security systems that can meet the exact requirements of all size of businesses, buildings and assets. Our expertise also covers systems and operational integration between different security and safety systems for integrated operation and command and control.

We work with our customers to develop and deploy systems and control centres/control rooms that keep your organization secure and safe, and eliminate or significantly minimize the risk of theft, sabotage, or trespassing on your property and assets. We use cutting edge technology and bespoke design and install solutions.



In an industrial plant such as a refinery or chemical process plant, a hazardous location is defined as a place where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts occur. Industrial equipment that must be installed and/or used in such locations is especially designed and tested to ensure it does not initiate an explosion, due to arcing contacts or high surface temperature of equipment.

In an industrial plant, handling of large quantities of flammable liquids and gases creates a risk of leaks. In some cases the gas, ignitable vapor or dust is present all the time or for long periods. Other areas would have a dangerous concentration of flammable substances only during process upsets, equipment deterioration between maintenance periods, or during an incident. Such special plants are then divided into areas of risk of release of gas, vapor or dust known as divisions or zones. The process of determining the type and size of these hazardous areas is called area classification.

rapidSERVE has experience and expertise in conducting Tests and Classification of Plants into different process and operational Zones, in accordance with International Standards such as, the NFPA 497 Standard, API 500, IEC/EN 60079, and ATEX.

Our Goal: “Deliver innovative top-quartile technology solutions that combines safety, security and highly responsive monitoring systems to guarantee total life, asset and investment assurance”