Reliability and Maintenance Management

Our Reliability and Maintenance Management solutions focus on these FOUR areas:

  • Asset Integrity Management:
  • Understanding and improving the management of operational, safety, environmental and economic risks following catastrophic asset failures.

  • Reliability Engineering Excellence:
  • Utilizing design practices or trouble-shooting of performance issues to engineer systems and equipment so that they can perform safely and reliably.

  • Maintenance and Operational Performance:
  • Improves the performance of an organization's reliability-related business and management systems, plant and production systems, and culture.

  • Life-Cycle/Obsolescence Management:
  • Obsolescence is inevitable and it affects all systems. Obsolescence affects system supportability, safety and mission readiness. It is a lack of availability of an item or raw material resulting from statutory and process changes, as well as new designs. Obsolescence deals with the process or condition by which a piece of equipment becomes no longer useful, or a form and function no longer is currently available for production or repair. To deal with Obsolescence, then the management of the Life-Cycle of the Asset must be well organized.


To help our Clients manage the Asset Life Cycle and Obsolescence, rapidSERVE provides the following potential approaches:

  • - Design features that facilitate change/insertion of new technology
  • - Establishing a rigorous change management process for life-cycle support.
  • - Using performance-based logistics contracts that provide significant latitude to manage technology refreshment. This includes ensuring they are incentivized to maintain currency with state-of-the-art technology and use readily available items to avoid the high cost of diminishing manufacturing sources and materiel shortages over the system's life.
  • - Parts management